Electricity Duty

Electricity Duty is a Provincial Tax levied under Section 13 of the West Pakistan Finance Act 1964
read with Article 157 (2)(b) of the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan 1973 as per the
following rates:

(Electricity Duty on consumption of Electricity supplied by Distribution Company)

 a.Domestic 1.5% 
 b. Commercial 1.5%
 c. Industrial Undertakings 1.0%
 d. Tube Wells for irrigation and
agricultural machinery
 e. Premises where the supply of 
energy by a licensee is un-metered

(Electricity Duty on consumption from Self Generation) 

Industrial/Commercial undertaking having
Generating capacity above 500 KVA for self use    
3 (three) paisa per unit (Kilo Watt Hour)
of energy generated/consumed.